Salsa Celtica Grey Gallito Lyrics

I must be going, no longer staying
The burning Thames I have to cross
I will be guided without a stumble
Into the arms I love the best

And when he came to his true love's window
He knelt down gently all on a stone
And it's through the pane he has whispered slowly
My darling dear, do you lie alone

She's raised her head from her down-soft pillow
And snowy were her milk-white b______
Saying, Who's that, who's that at my bedroom window
Disturbing me from my long night's rest

So this young girl rose and put on her clothing
So swift she's let her true love in
And it's there they kissed and embraced each other
Through that long night they'd lie as one

No le cantes ahora gallito
No le cantes, ahora no (x4)

Then it's, Willie dear, o dearest Willie
Where is your colour you'd some time ago
O Mary dear, the clay has changed me
I'm but the ghost of your Willie O

Then it's, c___, O c___, o handsome c___erel
I pray you not crow before it is day
And your wings I'll make of the very first beaten gold
Your comb I will make of the silver grey

No le cantes ahora gallito
No le cantes, ahora no (x2)

But the c___ he crew and he crew so fully
He crew three hours before it was day
And before't was day my love had to leave me
Not by light of the moon nor light of the sun

No le cantes ahora gallito
No le cantes, ahora no (x2)

So my Willie dear, o dearest Willie
When shall I see you again
When the fishes fly, love, and the sea runs dry, love
And the rocks they melt in the heat of the sun

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