Eterna Inocencia 11 - Unknoun Soul Lyrics

now i got in my hands
the last letter you have wrote to me
a long time passed
since i haven´t heard from you again
(but i remember what you said)
you said "there´s no time"
and i didn't realize of it!
you said "there´s no time"

under the same old sun
crying for your lost life
now i know i won´t see you again
your mother prays
i just only stay
between the dark walls of hate
(i didn´t want to miss your soul...)

trying not to fall down
(trying not to cy)
wanna hear you one more time!
this dark place
won´t be the same as yesterday
you are no longer with us
your letters are your legacy:
"please go on fighting, it´s the end but i'll be there...".

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