Hui Ohana Kanaka Waiwai Lyrics

Ma ke alahele 'o Iesû
I hâlâwai aku ai
Me ke kanaka 'ôpio hanohano
Kaulana i ka waiwai
Pane mai e ka 'ôpio
'E ku'u Haku maika'i
He aha ho'i ka'u e hana aku ai
I loa'a e ke ola mau?

'E hâ'awi, e hâ'awi lilo
I kou mau waiwai
Huli a hahai mai ia'u
I loa'a e ke ola mau ia 'oe

Minamina e ka 'ôpio
I kona mau waiwai
I ke kû'ai a hâ'awi lilo aku
I ka po'e nele a hune
Huli a'e 'o Iesû lâ
Pane aku i ka 'ôpio
'A'ole a'e hiki ke kanaka waiwai
I ke aupuni o ka lani

Along the road, Jesus
With a distinguished young man
Who was known for his wealth
The young man said,
"My good lord,
What must I do
To gain eternal life?"

"Give, give away all
Of your possessions
Then come and follow me
In order to gain eternal life"

The young man grieved
Over his wealth
Unwilling to sell and give all
To the poor and destitute
Jesus then turned
And answered the man,
"Rich man, you will not enter
The Kingdom of Heaven

Source: Keola Donaghy, Copyright J. Almeida 1971, Translated by Haunani Bernardino - Based on the parable from Matthew 19:16-24, Almeida composed the music in 1915, for a Mormon church in Honolulu who rejected the song because it sounded too much like a hula. The original chords and music was not the way it is sung today. First recorded in 1946 by John Almeida with the Genoa Keawe trio.

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