Conor Oberst The Bumpercar Blues Lyrics

You sit there with your sad eyes and you ask me if there's something you can do
Well I hate to burst your bubble but there's nothing and you know that it's true
My mind is a desert and this conversations dry
It's hard to find an answer when you know you have to lie
At the thought of my helplessness my stomach starts to churn
If I caught on fire would you watch me burn
Would you watch me burn

I try to phase it out so I could extend my disbelief
I never knew someone so broken could bring another such relief
Well it's easier to understand when you don't know how I feel
This whole d___ situation just seems so unreal
Time heals all wounds
There's not much of a choice
If I screamed till my vocal chords exploded you wouldn't hear my voice
You wouldn't hear my voice

I feel like I'm in that b__percar and I just got knocked off the track
Cause I just put on the straw that broke the camel's back
Blinded by the light so I can't see three feet in front of me
It's easy to make a mistake when you've lost all sense of direction
I try to squirm away, but the grip just gets tighter
I know you're going to stomp my head into the ground
But could you be a little quieter
Could you be a little quieter
I'm trying to get some sleep here
I'm trying to get sleep, quiet, sleep
Please, thanks, quiet, sleeps, please, thanks, quiet, sleep, thanks
Please, thanks

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