Eterna Inocencia 07 - The Power, The Coertion Lyrics

i used to help
and take care of the children
i tried to help in many ways
to stop atrocities

yes, i remember myself
crying for such injustice
but now i think
that is another way
to make capitalism go on

this way of repression, injustice
using power and coertion
to defend their structure
and there's no emancipation
if everything goes in this way

the light of truth
has become a shadow
of ignorance

you know that
the cause of children
it's the same cause
for all the people is outside
the land of governments
children and prisoners drop
the same old tears
that mean power and coertion
shadows on their dreams...

their dreams of freedom
a dream of equal justice
yes, that justice that has been raped
by the guns of government one day

we do have no more guns
but let's oppose our hearts and minds!

we all got to study seriously
what the social matter means
we got to read a lot
and try to help the ones
that are suffering the power
that has been stolen by
the ones who made the laws
the same ones who pray
these days to god
to save their interests and properties
so they can sleep in peace
and continue with
the domination of the human being
using power and coertion...

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