DJ Xtreme Kangna Vs Nasty Girl (Xtreme Streetz Remix) Lyrics

The Biggie duets (Uh)
Jazze Phizzle (phizzle phizzle)
Jagged Edge
Biggie Smalls
Ladies and gentlemen...

I go, on and on and on and
Don't take them to the crib unless they bon'in
Easy, call em on the phone and
platinum Chanel cologne and
I stay, dressed, to impress
Spark these b____es interest
s__ is all I expect
If they watch TV in the Lex, they know
They know, quarter past fo'
Left the club tipsy, say no mo'
Except how I'm gettin home, tomorrow
Caesar drop you off when he see his P.O.(hey)
Back of my mind, I hope she swallow
Man She spilt a drink on my cream wallows
Reach the gate, hungry just ate
Riffin, she got to be to work by eight
This must mean she ain't tryin to wait
Conversate, s__ on the first date I state "You know what you do to me"
She starts off, "Well I don't usually"
Then I, whip it out, rubber no doubt
Step out, show me what you all about
Fingers in your mouth, open up your blouse
Threw that back out, in the parking lot
By a Cherokee and a green drop-top
And I don't stop, until I squirt
Jeans skirt b___-naked it all work

Addiyan ton ki paiyan jhanjara laung mare lishkare (x2)
Kagna tera ni sanu kare ishaare (x2)

I need u to dance
I need u to strip
I need u to shake Ur little a__ n hips
I need u to grind like Ur working for tips
N give me what I need while we listen to prince
Coz miss U ain't seen the world yet
Rocked la pearl yet
Rocked them pearl sets
Flew in em pearl jets (ooooohhhhh)
In a style make a low profile girl smile
Throw a chick back like a blue print trial
Now u n me can drink some Hennessy
Then we get it on
Mad women wantin to bone Sean combs
Sippin on Patron
Speeding we be leanin
Got em feeling
N when I give it to u throw it right back (right back)
Tell me Diddy 'Yeah I like it like that' (like that)
Lift your shirt
U know how I flirt
Heels and skirt
Let's take it off
Now lets work (lets work)

Kagne de vitch lage naag sat rang ni
Kale kale aashiqan to dil ehe mange ni (x2)
Apne es kagne nu saam ke rakh mutiyaare (x2)
Kagna tera ni sanu kare ishaare (x2)

Uh with JE and B.I.G (what, what)
Grab the keys from Diddy (Uh, uh)
The women look-in ... no stress
Meet us upstairs in Ur best .....Yes
Dressed to impress
Spark these b____es interest
Jazze on the beat so sweet
Ladies know u feel me
Grab Ur t__ties for the B.I.G

Goriyan baava de ute tere bara jhachda
Tu eh sikaundiye ehnu eh sanu dasda (x2)
Kagna tera sach bolda husan diye sarkaare (x2)
Kagna tera ni sanu kare ishaare (x2)

[Nelly & Avery Storm]
Ok ma what's Ur preference
Nice and slow
Or fast and breathless
Pull Ur hair girl, bite Ur necklace
Let me show u what a n_____ from Lou blessed with
Hey.... I'm exprained to leave
When I'm done I flip the mattress
Change the sheet (Gotta change them)
I'm like a radical one
I vibrate a little more than Ur mechanical one
(From Ur t__ties to you thong)
Either way mama I'm a make u do it or do it
(Girl I'm about to make u come)
Guaranteed when Ur f___in with me
(Coz I go on and on and on...on and on and on....on and on and)
Ladies if u feel me
Grab them Thangs fo Biggie

Gotta love ma little nasty girl
U know I love ma little nasty girl
I love ma little nasty girl (u Gotta love it baby)
All the ladies if u hear me
Grab ur t__ties for B.I.G

Kagne tere ne hun jaadu jiya paaliya
Bange ne Rekesh nu ta piche ehne laaliya (x2)
Teri aas te betha hun na kaliyan vakt guzaare (x2)
Kagna tera ni sanu kare ishaare (x6)

Ladies and Gentlemen you are now tuning into the very best
Jazze Phizzle
Nelly now
Jagged edge (u no that u looovvveee)
The Notorious (notorious)
B. I. G
The Biggie duets
Bad boys
Show enough (Show enough)
Ladies and gentlemen
Let's go [X4]
Hey hey hey... hey

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