The Starting Line Birch Hill Lyrics

I spent two weeks collecting memories
I just can't believe
That i might never see you again
I'll never have friends like these

Tonight I will cry a single tear for
Every day that I spent here
Cause all the people I call my friends
Now it's the end

Time went flying by
It's time to say goodbye
I'll sing Erin a song before I leave
Remind me please
I'll send you my cds
Tell me Emily
How your life is treating you
I miss you too

So I'll say goodbye to Amy
Give a hug to Ashley
Save all the things that matter
For when our schedules are free
I miss you Matt and Evan
We live so far away
This song will let Zoe know
I've loved her since last year
But I'd been too afraid to say
Until today


Cause I know
You won't let me fall (x6)
I know you won't
Let me fall too far

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