Thessera Heaven's Gate Lyrics

Still in bed
All I have are questions without answers
And wounds
I stare at this portrait of that dream
With my dear Jeanne
I could never end it

Seeing this painting, it brings to me
The sense I just lost my last good thing
Just like my mum has gone
I was convinced that who had stolen them out
From my life were the ones
Who should relieve me
But I'm no more

A new thought disturbs my head
Maybe I have been unfair
With my old man and my brother
I feel like I'm an evil man, I'm to blame
The story's villain is what I am
I wanna return my play
I wish I was hero again
I'm going to climb up the windowsill
Once again

"There is only wounds inside me
How to heal them? I can not see"
"I will never clear my footprints
Nor live my dream"

Just like a comic strip
Hero I will wing,
Face the wind
The rain falls down
On my hands
Then wets the ground
Many floors below
Suddenly I see myself
Among four images
"Wait! It can't be them!"
Maybe I am going crazy
But I see the faces
Of my dad, mum, Jeanne and Kane

Son, look at my face, don't you do this
I know you did not trust me but do
Now, you must rely on what I say
If you do not, listen to your mum

You can't give up yet, son
I beg you not to jump
Although you lost me so young
You have to carry on

Bro, don't hurt yourself just like you did
To me in that moment when you lost your mind
You are still lost, you must wake up
It will not bring any good to you

What are you doing, my love?
I don't know you anymore
The time for us will soon come
But it's not now, so hold on!

(Mum, Dad, Kane and Jeanne)
You've learnt nothing, Andrew
You must unblind your eyes
You still believe in a lie
Don't see that it can't be right

Now's too late
I'll face the wind

Flying, feeling this nightmare
Fading away
Setting free from this lie
Feeling this nightmare
Fading away, I'll set free from this lie

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