Rhasalon Where Demons Fly Lyrics

Crossing the mist searching for the light
The only way out was the faith inside
The warrior had walked the valley of death alone
Where demons flew just above his head

The Evil Lord prepared him a lethal trap
That winged unicorn was the demon of death
Like an eagle in the sky he was flying so high
When the white unicorn a black demon has turned

The sword of god then shone in the air
The black demon fell down to death
The king of the kings lit him the right way
The warrior found out all his faith

The valley was long and the troubles remained
The sword of God was his last friend
He faced the fear like never before
His true inner faith guided him through that war

Fighting with strength he was the brave
Who had a kingdom that had to be saved
He knew the journey was dangerous - He had to try
Cause he was the only one that could cross
The valley where demons fly

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