Karmakanic Wheel of Life Lyrics

Within the greatest mountain you can hear it
In the sweetest flower there it is
Everything there is, is showing its face in everything you see
Everyone you meet is the next one you will be
In the wheel of life

Where you are is near and far
What you are is big and small
Short and tall, spring and fall
The cosmic call is.... We're the sum of all

Every little secret lies within your mind
From eternal heavens to the core
Every little question knows its answer long before it's asked
Every time you leave you've already left before you go
In the wh.....


Running along, it is a cosmic nation
Moving along, you'll get the choice of life
Running along, the soul communication
Moving along, it lives and never dies

Every single action has its consequence
From the greatest conquest to a thought
Every single flutter from the wings of a b___erfly
Causes little whirlwinds that will make the heavens roar
In the wh...

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