Angelspit Elixir (Pill Binge) REMIX Lyrics

Placebo from the garden of Eden
Rub it on bone watch the skin grow
Blissful c___tail makes a god from heathens
Changing your life to a perfect glow

Tie a knot and hang it up high
Your battered corpse is bitter and sore
Our lethal nectar will distort your body (liquor)
We'll make you better than god did before

Oh child of Balem, I hear you wailing
Your love muscle refuses to grow
When nature fails reach for the elixir
Boldly rush where angels won't go.

Bound up perfected 5 inches inflated
You'll be an overnight extrovert
Pattern the body, beauty by numbers
breathe in tight, this is going to hurt

Excess into muscle
Jesus pill binge
Water into wine
Devil in a syringe

Suckling frenzy at rubber breast
Beheaded busted a doll infect
Salty lotion, rubbed in open scratch
Removes hair and all self respect

you need it trust me you need it.
inject potion peel back your face
lacerate on your armor inflict
uncut beauty underlines grotesque

you don't get it you just don't get it

You will obey me
You will become me
We will control you
Time for your medicine baby

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