Spreadin'Fear Eternity's Weeping Lyrics

Now six years are gone,six years of emptiness in me
I begin to know what eternity means
Many time I thought that's a crazy dream
I can't accept this reality..

But I follow my dreams in trust of night
For keep them alive for ever I've got to fight
And Now I know why I'm here
'Cause yuor rising in me doesn ' t disappear

I'm talking to you! Do you hear my voice?
Ande theese go down, tears of an eternal cries
Eternity's Weeping

In this city of monsters I've found in darkness the way
I'm alone among ignorance and hate!
They don't know what "the sharing Fate" means
Every night to be awake and afraid


Please answer me! Will you hold my Hand?
I am so alone like in the wind is the sand..
Eternity's weeping...

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