Lothlorien Inside My Mind Lyrics

As voices of the night call me
I walk into the eternal flame
I feel it burning me from inside
no longer wishing, forever be alive

Wandering alone within walls of madness
searching for forgiveness in lifeless emptyness
since the day I was taken my first breath
I have been forgotten and lost on a cold path

Abondoned in the never allowed desire
the only thing to whisper me goodbye
inside my mind
I'm surrounded by ignorance and hate
from the chambers of fears and rage

I cannot exept the unending reality
I must end my life, away from eternity
there no spirits will guide me
not enslaved by darkened skies

In a time of endless creams I see myself wither/fading
I feel so small, lost and frozen/dying
wander across the fields of tranquillity
forever I will be chased by insanity
I gaze into the flames of my destiny
twisting and turning towards my journey

All love lost, desolation will not forget me
over the sky I will follow the light
I am gone and that I will not regret
the hour of strange floating lights
the never allowed land now embrace me
the world beyond has forgiven me but not forget me

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