Tobias Regner In Your Hands Lyrics

I am naked
Empty as a Shell in the Sand
Waiting for You
Losing Everything
That I am
Here without You
Has Time been broken
Have I been left behind
I need to find You
Breathe You in
Breathe in your Life....

In your Hands
I can feel your Love surround me
With a Touch, I am reborn
Once again
When youre Fingers wrap around me
Then I know my Heart belongs
In your Hands

I am drifting
Falling in and out of a Dream
When will I wake
All my senses
Feel like they've been torn at the Seams
Scared I will breake
My World is haunted
Your Spirit lingers on me
I pray You'll find me
Hurry, Please
I have waited so long....

All of me misses all of You
Every Part I need to make me whole
All I want is to be with You
And to know You'll never let me go
Don't let go

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