Atomic Raygun Attack!! Chips and Salsa Lyrics

Ben, why can't you read between the lines?
When will you open up your eyes?
It's obvious to everyone but you
J. and Sean have got a secret to hide
A skeleton of unbelivable size
They screw.....They do!?

Your girlfriend is a w____
She is a two bit played out dame
No matter how you want things back
They will never be the same
She played you like a fool
And she made you look real lame
Shes basically an animal whose heart you can not tame

She's a s___, you gotta recognize
When she talks to you she dosen't look you in the eyes
When she's s__in' you shes thinking of him
Except he's bigger...And by bigger I mean taller
And by taller he means 'p____ size'
Just break up with her and get yourself a dog

The kid is clearly not yours, It's time to face the facts
You had a vasectomy years ago, plus the kid is black
She lied and said it was yours, shes all tripped out on crack
It's a good thing we were here for you
To set you back on track
Ben Affleck this song is about you, Jennifer Lopez And P. Diddy
Who she's pooorking!!!

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