Cush The Clouds Are All the Same Lyrics

It's a shame about gravity
I've been here before
She was cruel
I'm taken down
There is nothing left to say
I've seen it before
It was cruel
There is only history now

It seemed like it would come again
I don't know what else
Can be drunk down
I can't drink it all down
It's hard to live this life
With nothing left to say
It is cruel now
All the way down

I've seen endless skies
Everlasting skies
I've seen endless skies
Even though my mouth is dry
Clear blue everlasting skies
Even though,
Clouds are all the same

It seems like its been a thousand beats
Since I've been allowed to cry, my defeat
The clouds are all in line
Seems like its been a thousand I's
I'll take it back, and I'll realize
The Truth is right in front of me
The clouds are all in line

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