Bun B I'm A "G" Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
Im a G n____ you dont know about me.
Im a G n____ you dont know about me.
Im a G n____ you dont know about me
but yo a__ gonna learn and yo a__ gonna see.

I stand 5 foot 10, 200 & half 100 percent gangsta
dont smile and dont laugh in a 3 inch shirt n____ 38 waist.
I aint small m________a im takin up some s___e with a size 11 shoe
that'll kick u in yo face b____
im all about a crime and ready to catch a case.
i aint scared to kick it in yo do and look around yo place
i aint scared to c___ back a fo and put 1 in yo face
stay still n____ flava duece duece in a third teflon
coverin yo body juice loose on a curve
i serve it like a tennis ball straight up the minice
yall i positon and competition and when i finish
yall can clear the collin and call the corrin tell him next again
we shot him like a cracker and stabbed him like a mexican
may never plex again not like he can
but just in case he get resurrected is best he understands


I see these n____z doin a lot of talkin
but they never back it up bout the work they movin or the paper
they stackin up u n____z
got the crack it up
the only thing u sellin is wolf chickens and we aint buyin'em
so pack it up 84's
click clack it up and down towners from westside to the east
we keep the G and that's a promise
but yo plaque on summers americas most wanted
we criminal backgrounds and ready to straight
flauted only take is a salt dropper or a instagator
messy m________as got the make it fo and a instant hater
im a lay it down like a baby
ready to nap cuz im a trill n____ ready to clap
now wats up
i slap a n____
scope him with a back hand left
and continue till nobody from yo whack clan left
bet u might cheat left
and u might cheat the dealer
but u neva cheat the king of the underground on the rella


P$C n____ UGK Free pimp c let me at it boy
Hey tell'em for a minute bun chill to yo n____
dont they say they got some blowin
im the one them n____z
get it from they talkin s___ is best interest is to get a gun
grab the mac 9 and spit half a clip and them n____z run.
sissy n____z sweeter then a cinnabun wannem
knocked off we the ones
u gotta get it done a lot of rappers say they g's
i dont feel'em no naw yea sissy so keys im still a don.
old g's usual low key movin
em 03 dont look up at my window
u dont know me gangsta
gangsta the same time picture the pump and paint
i aint the kind u wanna see me aks ar's
i cant decide i got the mind of the hustler halacious grind man
i hold my city down like i anchor eyim.


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