Game Over Transylvanian Temptation Lyrics

Step inside my unholy dwelling
Be my dear guest of honor
A nocturnal attraction
Here in this castle where slavery thrives

Your mastery, my delight
Pain is my pleasure tonight

Bow to the Prince of Darkness

Now we've reached to the end of our playing
I succumb to my blood-l___
An infernal perversion
Get yourself ready for your own demise
The taste of your blood so divine
Tables are turned, now you're mine

Bow to the Prince of Darkness
Cry out!
Nothing can save you now

Beware the darkened hallways of sin
My curse disseminates
Afflicted mind with a mortal wish
Eternity awaits
A torture chamber with no way out
An image of my mind
Treachery, degeneration
Wing-clipped by mankind

I see you
I hear you
Your whip will lead the way
Get up now, make my day
In decay!
When sunrise sweeps away my remains
Into infinity
I return to the depths of my realm
See you in a century
I smell you
Sonarize you
Your whip will lead the way
Come on and make my day
Down on your knees and pray!

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