Dana Dane Delancey Street Lyrics

Next stop: Delancey Street

Step lively, and ah - watch the closing doors

[ VERSE 1 ]

I can't express it any plainer

That I'm a entertainer

People call me Dane, but my real name is Dana

I've came here just to put you on

Cause I'm taking the rapping world by storm

In the rap I've made a change

A change that no other out there can claim

Now what I've done will make you laugh

So don't you ever be offended by the words I pass

I'll make you tickle, make your b___ wiggle

You'll tell your friends, and they'll chuckle and giggle

Now this little story's called Delancey Street

It's the place where clothes are bought and people meet

Each city has a place that's quite the same

Even though it might go by a different name

Delancey Street

Delancey Stree-eet

Delancey Street

This story can't be beat

[ VERSE 2 ]

Well, I went to Delancey Street to buy some wears

Even though I already had on fresh gear

Go into the store to buy a Kangol

I took out my wallet and my fat money roll

When three females walked up to me

There was a white, a black, the other Chinese

The white girl said, "My name is Dawn

And I love your gear by Louis Vuitton"

The black girl said, "My name is Jane"

And she couldn't keep her hands off the fresh gold chains

The Chinese girl, her name Sushi

She was foggin up the '86 Guccis

I thought they wanted to conversate

Then they all pulled out a six-shooter trey-eight

Three fresh females, who would have thought

Cause they tried to rob me, I almost got caught

I stood there for a minute, tried to concentrate

I tried to think of a way for me to escape

No one in sight, one thing to do

(You mean you ran, Dana Dane?) d___ right I flew

Up the block and through an alley

Yo, I cold dogged my fresh new Bally's

I ran through some water and some dog -

But I don't give a d___, I wouldn't be their vic'

Oh no, not me, not while I have feet

So then I dipped over to Orchard Street

Around the corner, past the brick house

And right in back of me, droolin from the mouth

Yes, them three females at hot pursuit

Then all of a sudden they began to shoot

I flundered, blundred, all the shots thundered

(Where did you run?) That's what I wondered

So confused, my head still in the wind

A sign up the street that read (dead end)

[ VERSE 3 ]

Now here they came, just as plain as day

Runnin down the street like _Three The Hard Way_

I approached the stop, the temper grew

And then the girl screams out: (Yo, d___ it, don't move!)

They continued strong like the quiet storm

"Lover boy, run everything that you've got on"

"Run your Gucci, your Louis and your fresh gold chains

And your Bally shoes, we want it all from you"

Now max this move, what could I do?

Nowhere to run, no one to run to

The girls just didn't know who I am

But I knew a way to get out this jam

I stood in their face, took on the loud racket

Opened up my ??? jacket

Printed on my shirt, yes, there's bold and plain

'I'm not the one, the Rapper Dana Dane'

Well, the girls caught the message, it was plain to see

They might as well have said (Dana Dane, you're free)

Cause Jane came by, she winked her eye

And Dawn came over, grabbed me at my fly

And that's about the time when Sushi came near

She kissed me on my cheek and blew in my ear

Each one of them tryin to grab my hand

Screamin "Leave him!," to the other (Dana Dane's my man)

I knew it: they'd blew it

Punches were thrown, they got into it

They rumbled, battled, wrestled like cattle

"She made me do it!", they began to tattle

Swollen eyes and busted lips

Cause I think all of them got pistol-whipped

But I don't care, do you hear what I say?

I just wiped off my Bally's, went on my way

And they're still not friends till this very day

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