Flatlined Tennesse Ave Lyrics

Your are torn apart
Hated it from the start
You thought you could help
Everything you thought was wrong, was really just in yourself, so you kept me locked away like a jar upon the shelf...
You tried to hide me
From everything and everyone so they just couldn't see, the way that I am tortured here and I'm locked without the key...
I can, see it,
Why your scared for me but
Conceive it, believe it,
There's something more to me then you

You see through fixed eyes,
You could never understand the things that I have in mind,
Blinded by your greed,
So you could never understand all the ways that I bleed, when you take away from me, everything that sets me free


You still say that you care... for me
But you will never see
Why you can not hold me down and make me into things that I'm not
You f___ing never understood the things I really want


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