Pig God Rod Lyrics

Anytime that you want anything
Everything you will loose
Anything that you choose
Anything you say you believe
Ask and you will receive
You will receive so close your eyes and believe


Mistress of the mattress mambo
Tear me with the torture tango
Paid my dues and the rent
It's hell-bent but heaven sent
Young, dumb full of c__
White trash cultural flash
Rum b__ and the latch
White trash we want cash

With that smile on your face
And come in your hand
With a promise and gun
I unload and come

You can file and accuse
With your interest and dues
The front row of my misery show
I'm the one you can blow, you can blow


Plastic panties rubber rules
I like to feel stiletto heels
High ho here we go
Your silver lining your perfect timing
Hollow lies I've got to ?
The heart desires my mind denies
Watch your throat it need to choke
Your smiling eyes will lead you to mine


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