GOODNIGHT ELECTRIC The Supermarket I Am In Lyrics

Let's get together, look for some fun
We are getting absurd
We're gonna play - we're gonna run
I just dont like mustard
This glorious day we have no rules
We're only stealing colors
We are the one who can share all the love
In the supermarket

Coca cola - drugstore
We are dancing on the floor
Making out behind the door
Campbell soup - I want it more

Silly trolley can't you tell me
With whom the one that I could be
Is it you that I adore?
Extra cheese I can't ignore

Apple juice - fluoride
I see your window open wide
Drink some coffee in the night
Yea, I smoke but only light

A piece of you in my trunk
Eat you up like a chocolate chunk
Thoughts of you fill up my lung
With you I'll be forever drunk

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