People Under The Stairs The Turndown Lyrics

(Thes One)
Yo, I think this time I've found a shorty for me
We talk a lot, take walks a lot, she doesn't bore me
In fact she won't ignore me when I'm speakin music matters
She's intelligent, fly style flatters
My own style, chickens scatter when she floats through the club
Child matters,
Love, I'm thinkin,
I met her one night drinkin, I suggested a show,
She walked up and said, "I know you
You're from the P-U, T-S, I think your name is Thes too,"
Would you like a soda, I'm underage
Slipped her my number, tipped away
And said give me a page later
In typical latin lady flavor she said "maybe".
Claro que si - That's how it should be
And see she played me close, next night dinner,
The champagne toast, sunset pacific coast,
And mostwhile, everything to me was like tight groovy
Always a treat, man, she took me to the movies
Made love to beats, woke up and made me pancakes
And this point I knew my s___ was land or lakes
Fellas, I might be in love but something's still not right,
We didn't fight but she didn't call me last night
She got mad loot, no jobs, and plus a high renter
Cellular phone to check the Pac Bell message center,
Which she does too much, and I'm really not with it
She tells me that she loves me so I guess I'm committed

(HOOK x 2)
Turndown days.....
No way, no way
"It gets better, this girl's kinda clever"

(Double K)
Yo I was coolin at the club about ten on the dot
Drinkin Hennesey and c__e, feeling like 2Pac
Me and the crew hit the stage in about a half of one
Trying to ditch security cause I'm under twenty-one
Just then, I see this fine Latin chick walk past
Face like never before, body like an hour glass
So I was lookin at the booty, it was lookin right back,
You would have thought she wanted loot but it wasn't like that
Yo this girl stepped to me, asked me, what was my name,
I told her, Mike, she looked with a grin, said, that's right
Then for a minute I started to wonder how she knew who I was,
Yo, we've been doin mad shows with the underground buzz,
Then I asked her her name, yo I heard that somewhere,
Matter of fact, I have, but yo the K didn't care
All I wanted was the a__, only that and nothing more,
Talked a cool 15 minutes, got the number, hit the floor,
Saw Thes, gave him the DAT, we rocked the show,
Woke up the next day, aww s___, here we go
Seen a number in the pager that I didn't recognize,
Matched it up with the little paper received last night,
Word up, I'm bout to hit the skins like it was my first
Returned the call, got the address, and quenched my thirst,
Took a quick shower, was out in five minutes,
Big grin on my grill cause I knew I'd be up in it,
Her crib was in four, so I strolled down the road,
Kinda high off the blunt, bangin on the front door,
She opened up, still in her nightclothes,
Fourplay was in effect before I closed the front door,
You know how it goes, fingers in her s_____e doobie,
Whispered in her ear that I wanted her to do me,
And we did it homeboy, all day and night,
But even after that, something still wasn't right,
What the f___, Thes's beat tape doin on your night stand?
Yo, I figured it out, it was a gameplan
I asked her whats up, she said I got a man,
And I got a what, what, what, what

(Hook x 2)

Y'all didn't see me all day, I stayed at the bay awaitin,
The car from the maiden I had met when I was chasin
Down the bus which I missed but I wasn't too p___ed
When I spotted a sis, who lit my eyes like the trees
They put up on Christmas, I said, hey, how are you doin today?
She said, aiight, the frame was tight so I continued her way,
Shootin the breeze like LA, conversation was cool,
She went to school, had a job, and no meat was the rule,
Now not to send like a gay librarian,
I appreciate the fact you're vegetarian,
I eat some flesh once in awhile, was her reply,
And then she looked at me with an old look in her eye,
I said, what, I'm not your kind of n____?
Not quite, but I'll be very interested to hang out with you tonight,
I thought whoa, huh, this girl's a sick puppy,
If she chills at the crib I'll probably get lucky
But she never showed..... all day, I missed work.....
But she never showed up....
I think she was bisexual too
She had a fat a__....
It was like red, kinda like reddish brown

(Double K)
Hold up! Where'd she stay it?!

Like, Culver City or something

(Double K)

(Thes One)
Wait a second... s___

What? Huh?

(Thes One)
Naww dude!

(Double K)
What's wrong with you?

(Thes One)
Naww dude!!!

(Double K)
What kind of car she drove?

She had a little Honda or something


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