Nikka Costa He's My Clown Lyrics

He's the boy that everybody's puttin' there
He dresses up like circuses and paints the town
He puts on funny faces just to catch my eye
No one understands why i like this crazy guy

* He's my clown
(He's so stupid baby, what's with cupid can't you see it?)
He's my clown (played it smart until he got your heart
now he will break it!)
He's my clown (he's so cool girl, now that you're his
fool girl, won't you wake up?)
He's my clown (his best buddy says that he is nutty
dontcha let him in!)

Go ahead and laugh at all the clothes be wears
Long as we're together well, I just don't care
He says one day, baby we'll take off and fly
Merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels and rolly coaster rides

He's my clown (he's so icky you should be more picky
you need glasses)
He's my clown (he's outrageous, baby, it's contageous
don't you catch it!)
He's my clown (watch it honey, I will bet your money,
he will hurt you)
He's my clown (he is trouble get out on the double
don't you be a fool!)

You think it's tragic, I think he's magic
He makes every day a happy carnival
Life is a circus, nothing can hurt us
We'll turn every frown we see into a smile
And if I'm dreamin' don't wake me now

Ooh he's so special from his head down to his toes
He finds ways of havin' fun nobody knows
When he talks and he laugh?
His whole face limits right up
You're just jealous so please keep your big mouth shut

He's a clown (you wouldn't know one, even if you saw one
neh neh neh neh)
He's a clown (sticks & stones can always
break his bones but wordu can't hurt him)
He's a clown (you're just jealous you know you can't
have him ha ha ha ha)
He's a clown (you don't like him but you'd like one like
him leave the boy alone)

Repeat *

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