Nikka Costa Trick Or Treat Lyrics

Sometimes you lift me up
And then sometimes you bring me down
I wonder what you're gonna do
Each time I turn my back round
You're either decil or an angel
A Jeky ll ar a Hyde
Trick or treat, bitter or sweet

The day that we first met
I didn't know what to expect
And so I fell in love with you
And now my mind in just a wreck
Depending on the mood you're in
You're either good or you're bad
Trick or treat, bitter or sweet

* Tell me why you're foolin' with my mind
I'm either way up front or far behind
It's up or it's down and I love being around
When it's high up in the sky
But when it's low you bring me down
And I don't know what's going on
I don't want changes from a boy
That I just can't depend upon
You either lovo me or you don't
You either will or you won't
Trick or treat, bitter or sweet

Repeat *
Trick or treat, bitter or sweet (repeated)

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