NoMeansNo Try Not To Stutter Lyrics

I got a two ton wreck wrapped around my neck
A weekend bender, on bustend suspender
I've aged three years, cried a couple of tears
I told the cop i coul'nt remember
When i saw you
Where you were
Who you were with
I only wish that you both would phone
And try not to surrender
I told the judge i couldn't remember

And as you are answering all of their questions
I have just got one suggestion

Try not to stutter

I was Jo Cool for an indian summer
A camp fire wag, a long distance runner
I had the big eyes following my every move
But icouldn't let down or I'd lose
There was a snot nose kid trying to blow my cover
If they won't buy that I'll tell them another
Then two of the boys shot down my noised
The one with the van and his brother

They casually mentioned a couple of kids
An unspoken challenge, ok here

Try not to stutter

She was of to base to know the meaning of fear
With her cutt-offs swaying from here to there
The music's her maker, the giver the taker
That's what i hear
She smiled so fine, but not very friendly
With a studied wink, „Oh Baby you sned me!"

You've got a box full of trophies that's what i hear

And as you try to fashion the perfetct time
There's just one thing to keep in mind

Try not to stutter

(you can mumble, soft and low, mutter mutter so they think you know,
but there's just one thing that has got to go)

Try not to stutter

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