Ciccone Youth Two Cool Rock Chicks Lyrics

S: That's what you should do, you should be dinosaur's manager
K: yeah well dinosaur has like ten managers
S: they don't have any other managers
K: they have like...are you kidding? they have a manager in every city
S: it'd be such an easy job though to just tell them what to do, I think
K: erm, yeah but, it's like, they want you to do everything, you know,
they're that kind of band, like, they want to do everything
S: yeah but that's easier to do everything than to just do some of it,
it's easier you know
K: that's true, and have somebody else...
S: and then have somebody else f___ up what you've done by doing part
of your job it's like easier just to do the whole thing

S: in some ways I think like someone like redd kross would be easy
to manage cos they'd just be so like "well, whatta we do now?" and
you just tell them and that would be it
K: they just wanna rock
S: yeah right they don't wanna do anything
K: they just wanna be rock gods, you know
S: seems somebody hit a snare in here

S: so let's call Jay
K: okay
K: hello, is Jay there?
oh ah can you just tell him Kim and Susanne called,
okay, thank you, bye

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