Tyranny Drown Lyrics

I howl my pain
dirge of agony
Throes strained sense
Aque rides my body on
down a beaten path
Days spill into one
Bleary hours melt
I yield yet no avvail
Spasms whip me further
torn by a fever
ravished without death "Remember thee! Ay, thou poor ghostwhile memory holds
a seatIn this deistracted globe." - Hamlet
And in this river
I'll drown
By this cold river
I lay
Spitting entreatiesin servile breath
And in this river
I'll be undone
I hear the billows
through stranger thoughts
though stricken I aspire
to drown
Driven to greet death
trailing to the waters edge
I heave myself below
the waves
And cold water fills me
Seamless, without end
I blend from transience
Away from strain
in swaying light I flow
with the tides
to expanse of the ocean floor
in languid haze I drift
Sonorous through halls
echoes the ageless
soliloquy of the sea
ancient beyond time
I travel untold vistae
with lifeless eyes

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