Non Phixion End of the World Lyrics

{sample sounds like a black man about to make a speech]

[Verse 1]
As I dive into the center of the sun
Solar system super nova kingdom come victims run
I stand here energized like ha mas
my posse terrorize whole villages
After warfare see decapitated heads as holy images
My religion is, hip hop stay alive, wid the slingshot
Sands of Palestine battle rhymes scatter sands of time
Man declines as I rise divine like the star shine
I stay in line, like the constellations in the sky
Out the mind, my astral plane travelled thoughts unravel
like ancient carpets beneath the feet of pharoahs
Arrows pierce the narrow minded
These devils tryna keep our fam divided
But we still stick together while these other cats are blinded
By the tricknowledge, yeh we be sayin' stop the violence
But if it get to deep then merck the president's the science
Got the secret service walkin' up and down the street mad nervous
Fed suckas surveillance tape for what I say from out the surface
Y'all don't speak the truth see that sniper standin' on the roof
He's receivin' messages through radio waves in his tooth
???????, that's all I need to say to kill this devil
Check the scary facts of where we at it's on the illest level

Check the scary facts of the where we at (where we at)
Check the scary facts of the where we at (where we at)
Check the scary facts of the where we at (where we at)
Check the scary facts of the where we at "WAKE UP!" [- KRS 1]

[Verse 2]
Ashem's the man of war interpret the verse what you expect?
Take a look around where men in black suits strappin' wid techs
I stand infinite like the old earth through death and birth
The devil washed our brain to kill over turf and net worth
Stayin' resourceful like literature reprinted, live it
Military to blow off ya head like race gimmicks
Wipe that stupid grimace, we'll be dominatin' when earth finish
Knowledge is danger peep movin' targets like Roy Iniss
It keeps me wise of the climate of Israel
Patchin' Ford vans just like in goon flicks get out some fish tails
Walkie talkies checkin' packgrounds and signin' ledgers
Paparazzi steez watchin' my seeds for tight measures
It be the same people cocaine kings flippin' on us
Ain't got no airplanes but plenty of gats that we can bust
Ain't nothin' rule but money, 'cept holy forces above me
Disappear gear packed with the fam and flee the country

Hook (2x)

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