Michael McDonald Stop, Look, Listen Lyrics

Oh, no no
You're alone all the time
Does it ever puzzle you,did you ask why?
You seem to fall in love, and out again
Do you ever really love or just pretend

Oh, baby why you fool yourself
Don't be afraid to help yourself
It's never to late, too late to
( Chorus)

Stop, look
Listen to your heart,hear what it's saying
Stop, look
And listen to your heart, hear what it saying
Love, love, love..

Though you try, you can't hide
All the things you really feel,this time decide
That you will open up, and let it in
There's no shame in sharing love you feel within

So darling, just jump right in
Head over heels, and fall right in
'Cause it's never to late, too late to...
( Repeat Chorus)

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