Henry Rollins Band Fall Guy Lyrics

Sometimes i feel so small,
Sometimes i think i can beat them all,
But most of the time, i just feel confused.
I try, i really try,
I try to keep myself in line.
But its hard, and i end up feeling used.

It's hard to feel like a fall guy
Messed up and used, messed up and used.
It's hard to be a fall guy.

They push my b___ons
and pull my strings,
I lose my temper and i do things that
I wish i hadn't done.
I try hard to contain myself,
Defend, maintain and explain myself,
But sometimes, people just wear me out.

I'm falling down again,
I am believing again,
I'm going down again.
Messed up and used,
Torn up and used,
Ripped off and used.

I'd like to see how'd you'd feel with the things they say
And the way that it feels.
I can't believe i haven't walked away by now.
If they did to you what they do to me,
And on some days it's hard to see
Why, why i even bother.

And it's hard to feel like a fall guy
Knocked down again.
Feeling messed up and used.
Getting torn up and used.
Being lied to and used.
Ripped off and used.



Messed up and used.
Feeling burnt out and used.
Lied to and used.
Hauled out and used.
Torn up and used.
I'm falling down again.
I've been knocked down again.
I am the fall guy again.
I am the fall guy again.

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