Smitty Smitty ft. Robin Thicke - Died in your arms tonight(1) Lyrics

robin thicke
oh i just died in your arms tonight
it must of been something you said
i just died in your arms tonight

oh oh oh oh oh
new money white forces
new money white porches
blue money like bosses
white frames same as scott storches
gold bottles at the forge wit
top models and there gorgeous
look heres a pen call me round ten
ask him im the man girl friend
shes hot and i got her
no drop top its dun dotter
dont stop more dollars
20 on the watch who you know do it hotter
i talk it i live it i do it the best
she on the right and you on the left
im movin your body till you out of breath
keep doin wat you doin tonight 2 step like
chorus 2x
i was on crisp she was on e
i was on her she was on me
in the club drunk singin of key like
(robin thicke) ooooohhhhhhhhhh
and d___ it feel good
to see n____s up on it
got two coupes new diddnt flaunt it
old work new stashes
old work in the plastic
money first thats classic
aint a thang got the whip game mastered
she stops i spot her
louy top boots prada
i get it i got it i had it before (had it before)
and makin this money is all that i know(all that i know)
im movin yo body get back on the floor(flo)
keep doin what you doin some mo lets go like (oh)
the way you walk the way you move (way you move)
the way you talk the way you move ( way you move)
on my grind i cant lose cause i am so cool (cool cool)
the way you look the way you stare (way you stare)
the way you said what you said (what you said)
cant help it its the way i am cause i am so cool cool cool

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