Josh Joplin Group Gravity Lyrics

I will not be here forever
So I will not waste any time
Just pick my head up from off the bar dear
Buy the next round I'll be fine
Spoken like a poet
Who's just too drunk to know that

Everybody falls in small degrees
Everybody falls in small degrees
It's gravity
It's gravity

Here within lies the king of Graceland
Which makes the point all too clear
We stand in long lines praying our peace
And we go home with a souvenir
And only fools rush in
To save a desperate man


Pull me down, don't pull me down
Pull me down, don't pull me down
When I was little I used to dream that
I had a cape and I could fly
I rescued my friends from burning buildings
And no one would ever die
But costumes fade fast
And super powers pass


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