Lloyd Feat. Ja Rule Get It Shawty (Remix) Lyrics

Get it shawty remix
Ja Rule
Yo Lloyd
Let's get em
So luscious left foot
Say itche me son shee itche me say ding dong
(Get get it shawty)
Verse 1: Ja Rule
Get it shawty I want you to throw it on me
Put your weight on it
Take your time I'll wait on it
Cause I'm on my job and your body sounds is help for me
Lookin that good money
So I figured that I work on it
So I told her excuse me baby
I love when you dancing that way nasty on me
You making me feel like I should be tossing your twanies
And making it rain keep the change
Baby tonight is over
Realistically I'm just trying to get to know ya baby
Get your short off so I can f you later
Get a little bit of privacy
Experience the true meaning of an outer body
But that body could hurt somebody
Specially when you check up on it
But I'll try it gurl I'm on it
Cause I wanna get get it shawty

Chorus: Lloyd
All I really want is
For you to back it up
Go on and put your weight on it
'cause it's alright
Do what you wanna
Make me believe you
I wanna see you

Get it shawty
Get it shawty
Get it shawty
Get it shawty
Get it shawty
Get it shawty

Verse 2: Big boi
I'ma show how to get these ho's fully clothes
Or the shoe models you know those that work that pole
Tight cab muscles manicured toes
French tips of the French kiss on
The French Minatare
Ever been there a, Neva
Well I'm in to national lee loan
Well then except gone get naked no I respect so I'ma ask it
Send an hourglass gone by the second
I'ma get shawty like daney da vie
Get a party get it started shall we go slow past the pelvet growth
Hopin later on that she get her pelvet broke
Say itche me son shee itche me say ding dong

Chorus: Lloyd

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