Mission Belle When It All Began Lyrics

I feel all alone
But I can wait forever
I tell you, come back home
To sleep alone together
How can we heal all these emotions?
Tell me, how can we leave it all behind?

And I feel that it's over
But a part of me knows that
You're the one, you were then
When it all began
And I can feel your heart crying
But you can keep on lying
When you come to the end
Where it all began
All began

I can't read your mind
But I can feel it near me
Thinking: Love is blind
But I can see you clearly
Now can we heal all these emotions
Tell me, how could it ever go so far?


I don't wanna lose you now
But tell me, baby, how
Living in a dream we'll make it real
I don't wanna lose you now
But that's the way it feels
I know that one day you'll be happy


Where it all began...

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