Trae Feat. Lloyd & Rich Boy Ghetto Queen Lyrics

(Chorus - Intro)
So want you ride with me, my ghetto queen
you're all that I need
Cause she my ghetto queen, I give her what she need
money ain't a thing, she stay down like a G*Repeat 2x*

(Chorus - Lloyd)
Girl I done been around the globe and you the realest lil'lady I know
don't wanna ever let you go - cause oh
everytime I call you be there for me
baby girl I love you by my side
so anything you need, that means you got me
so just my ghetto queen gon' take that ride

[Verse 1 - Trae]
Look here lil'momma I'm gangsta
prolly nothin like you done delt with on the day to day
some say that I'm a star, but in the hood I'm better known as Trae
I'm from around the way - where not too many make it out
and even if I did it's in my blood I'll never take it out
you say you got a man but I ain't tryna take his spot
I'm tryna be ya partna while I'm late night flippin on the block
so we can post up on this glass, tippin the Chevrolet
and get it, how we get it, then I'm gettin right back out ya way
I'm in my zone so all that drama you can leave at home
ya man can lock you down, but me ain't nothin - rollin stone
and if you wanna chill tell his a__ to leave you alone
cause if he run up on me, I'm a run my fist upside his dome
understand when I say I'm grown, and on that other s___
I'm tryna make a team but I ain't feelin all that lover s___
I'm tryna hit the lights and take it to you on that rubber s___
and keep it G, and leave it on that undercover s___

(Chorus - Lloyd)

[Verse 2 - Rich Boy]
Ay lay back with me, feel free lil'momma
we can go the Bahamas in the summer
lookin for the fat(??), f___ the dumb hoes
and know that you'll ride with me baby f___ the po - po's
no pressure I ain't gotta test ya
I can leave you in my house with a hundred thousand on the dresser
me and you - my beautiful b____, so glamorous
so bad n____s pullin out they cameras
together baby the world can't handle us
hoes can't compete, no challengers
summer time, we float on the boat
while I sip a lil'lean, and you puff a lil'smoke
I'm married to my money, but you could be my honey
the groupie b____es dump me - but I know that you love me
so on that note you can take this
me and you be shinin harder then them diamonds on my wrist, M.O.B!

(Chorus - Lloyd)

[Verse 3 - Rich Boy]
We can ride in my drop and spend some money on some Fendi
you never ask what type of gold diggers try to get me
them hoes are silly, but I pass 'em in the Hemi
if a m________er touch you - I'm a hit 'em with that semi
you down like my n____, so you know I got yo'back
anybody put they hands on you, I'm a lay 'em flat
so spread ya wings baby come on let's fly
I'm down with my lady till the day that I die

[Verse 4 - Trae]
Say lil'momma what you waitin on - actin like you don't know no better
you say you tired of that s___, then roll with me and it's whatever
when in the presence of a gangsta don't worry I got ya
and f___ the stress, give me a sec - I'm a get that up out ya
so get ya spot I'm on the grind right now
I'm prolly less then two seconds away from shine right now
you can post up and be the b____ I'm tryna find right now
and if you can't see that I'm tha truth baby you blind right now, Yeah

(Chorus Till End)"

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