Mónica Naranjo What About Love [Corky Mix][*] Lyrics

Ooh, baby lately
I feel you fadin' from me, oh
Yeah things work out wrong
But you can believe
That baby no matter what we've been through
You know I could never make it without you
So before you leave
And walk out the door
Could you let me know

What about love
Can we save it all this time
I know we can make it through the fire
One chance we got to give it all
Baby what about us
When it's everything we know
How could we ever let it go, whoa
What about love, what about love

Baby hold on
I need you to be strong babe
All I ever wanted
Baby was love
And no matter what we go through
I could never lose my faith in you
And through it all
The tears and the pain
We'll find our way

All that I know
Is baby that I could never love another
I pray that we won't let this slip away
Baby please stay

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