Bio Killaz Playskool Murda F/ Ghost Fleet Lyrics

I love you, you love me, we're a happy (Gunshots)
Shut tha f___ up!
Oh, it's a murda party, and ima kill Barney
Crack his f___in' skull wit a bottle of Bacardi
Msiss Piggy, Kermit, f__got a__ muppets
Raggedy puppets, they dead anyway, so f___ it
It's a beautiful day in the neighboorhood
Cancer got to ya first, but it's all good
Lamb Chops, exactly, good eats
Cook ya a__ up on Sesame Street
Bannana's In Pajama's, can't stand us
Attempted murder, but we smoke too much, they out ran us
Telletubbies, f___ Tinky Winky
Die m____ f___a, c'mon think quickly
Missed oh s___, when I took a shot
But hey, at least I hit Baby Bop
Now kids, ya feelin's, I didn't mean to hurted'em
But these wack children role models, I done murdered'em
(Barney Theme to the beat)
Sesame street has been a re-run for the last decade
And cuz of me the guy from Reading Rainbow never got paid
This program's been brought to you in part by b____es like you
I bust Blue in the head that's why he talks like *Baboo-Boo*
Went up to the wack show headquarters, PBS
And there was Barney smokin' up on some cess
I took out Telletubbies cuz they got too much fame
Now Tinky Winky refs at all the CFG basketball games
Sayin' I love you, and you love me
That wack show creates disfunctional families
The new shows p___ me off, like Rolie-Polie-Olie
I walk up to that b____ like, whuts up on my forty?
Shoulda seen Lamb Chops when I killed her friend
Now we'll see if that song will ever end
Now back to Sesame Street, I reach into my pouch
Cuz I only smoke out with my homie Oscar The Grouch
(Barney Theme to the beat)
The Care Bears (Dead) Berenstein Bears (Dead)
All the furry little b____es, b____ you heard what I said
Listen to me, I take my forty
Then I crack it over all they f___in' heads even Barney
Feelin' h____, so I f___ me a Miss Piggy
Smacked her in the mouth, then I cracked her head on the chimney
Sesame Street, knock'em off they feet
Goldilocks, Three Bears, suck on this meat
Bert and Ernie, they can both f___ off
I'm walkin' down Sesame Street with my m____fuckin' sawed off
I blow they heads off (Bang Bang) oh whut you gonna do?
f___ the Power Rangers, and all the Poke'Mon too
Not to mention, that non-talkin' m____fucka, s_____-Doo
Just listen, f___ him and his Mystery Crew
I ain't got a problem, I can't stand'em
If I could get'em all together I would f___in' back hand'em
(Barney Theme to the beat)

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