Little Texas Bubba Shot The Jukebox Lyrics

(Dennis Linde)

We were all down at Marge's bar tellin' stories if we had one
Someone fired the old jukebox up - the song, it sure was a sad one
A teardrop rolled down Bubba's nose from the pain the song was inflicting
All at once he jumped to his feet just like somebody kicked him

Bubba shot the jukebox last night
He said it played a sad song, made him cry
Went to his truck and got a .45
He shot the jukebox
Dropped it with one shot
Bubba shot the jukebox last night

Now Bubba ain't ever been accused of being mentally stable
So we did not draw an easy breath 'til he laid that Colt on the table
he hung his head 'til the cops showed up - he dragged him right out of Marge's
They told him, "Don't play dumb with us son, you now d___ well what the charge is"

Repeat Chorus

When the sheriff arrived with his bathrobe on the confrontation was a tense one
He shook his head and said, " Bubba boy, you always was a dense one"
Now reckless discharge of a gun - that's what the officers are claimin'
Bubba hollered out, "reckless, hell! I hit just where I was aimin'"

Repeat Chorus

Well he could not tell right from wrong through the teardrops in his eyes
Beyond a shadow of a doubt it was a justifiable homicide

c EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Linde Manor Publishing Co. and Right Key

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