CodeName: Rocky His Day Lyrics

There was once a kid
Who had no hope inside his mind.
People putting him down
Cause he had a big appetite.
Day after day, its all the same;
Put downs, insults, feeling shame
Till that day he turned it all around.
Punk rock's what he found.
And now he's feeling proud cause
Today's his day.

Looking through the aging frame
Now we'll see who's feeling shame.
Burnouts, dropouts, out of lucks
Now just looking to pass the buck for a @*%!
Cause they saw the fat kid the other day
And saw how punk rock changed the way.
I guess there's nothing left to say.
Boy, those shmucks sure did pay.
Now he's telling them what to say.
I guess there's nothing left for me to say cause
Today's his day.

Cause as I see it now,
I know exactly how,
How cruel this world can really be.
And now I see a change inside my mind,
And it keeps on pushing me to try and try.
To try.
To try.

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