Three 6 Mafia Tear Da Club Up Lyrics

Tear da club up, n____ tear da club up

(DJ Paul)
This for all the playa haters who be talkin' that s___
The Three 6 show no love we quick to murder a trick
You could be a friend or foe
Kinda down or not
I'm rollin with tha fool Crunchy and we got them glocks
Backed up by da 4-5 and the 38
You wanna take this click to war
Fool it'll be a mistake
Chris bring the mossberg with the slugs and s___
We got some graves for ya body already dug and s___
Infamous grab the cali with a 100 rounds
Koopsta load da tech and blow dem b______s down
Juice wit the two 9's like a n____ name Shae
On the move we shoot 'em up so hard they feel the pain
I thought you knew that I'm from Memphis where the s___ is so thick
When at the club we got so bucked we try to tear up sum s___
Gangsta Boo da gangsta b____ wit the 357
Our main goal in life is an opposite heaven
Triple 6 b____!


(Lord Infamous)
We should begin to come close to da killa dimentions
n____s getting lynchin' from the Triple 6 anti-christians
May I mention
The slugs I steadily blast cause im unmerciful
Bullets that bombin' an enemy n____
See death is unreversable
Hardness is your fantasy
Death is not fiction on you b____es
f___ around and find you wannabe a__ out with the morticians
Executioner style buck in yo head while ya beg on yo knees
Await till you bustas lay deadin' the mourg and chillin' in cold freezers
Teflon penetrating an the penalties that leave punishment
Then me and my Triple 6 we gonna blow an ounce of blue hair trick
I could give a f___ less b____ im glad that you dead and gone
Three 6 Mafia sign out names on n____s f___in' tombstones
Memphis is the f___in city where Lord Infamous loves to bail
And just like I said before
b____ come with Me to Hell
Everybody in this house you n____s know what's up
Lemme see can all you m____fuckas tear dis club up


(Juicy "J")
Tear da club up n____ tear da club up
All these playa hatas in the club got us f___ed up
I'm the n____ with them two 9's ready to blast
When I pull em out ya m____fuckas betta haul a__
Paul thowin' chairs in tha air
Koopsta locin' up
Fly takin' cash from yo a__
Mr. Stick em up
f___ da d___ sucurity
f___ a m____fuckin cop
If they kick me out da club
I'll buck 'em in tha parkin' lot
Grab the club owner, put the rich b____
In the trunk
Take 'em out and take his money then I spit on da punk
Now I'm crunk
Breakin bottles up against da f___in' wall
Shootin tones at them fools
Till them jealous bustas fall
f___ these n____s testin' pimpin'
We gon' burry all you hoes
Slicin' b____es right in half
Stompin 'em straight through tha floor
n____s talkin plenty s___
But they aint buck enough
We gon' get some dynamite and blow this m____fucka up


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