Ákos Do We Bow Lyrics

Suffer from greed and look for more
Try to get higher, try to get by
Live your life without prayer
Easy like the catcher in the rye

Or set out on this journey with me
Tired of all the lies
Milk and honey overdose
In the world of artificial smiles

Do we bow, boy?
You say you´re happy then you cry at night
The river of anguish will flow
Rise up and shake off the pain
Let off steam, let the strength show

Unmask the torturer
Unmask him, be brave
Unmask the conqueror
The one that turns your life into your grave

Do we bow, boy?
Do we bow, boy?
Do we bow or do we fight for it?
Do we bow, boy?
Do we bow or do we cut them dead?


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