"Weird Al" Yankovic Wierd Al Yankovich - I'm A Wigga Lyrics

I wear fake gold to make up for my little c___
got my rag on backwards so I look just like 2pac
with my cap tilted cause im trying to hide the fact that im from maine
but I represent the south side
got a bb gun that looks just like a Mac 10
if I shot your b____ it might not even break the skin
I wear my jeans so low you can see my booty crack
got chrome painted rims on my 86'pontiac with fuzzy dice
in a rigged up black/white
my curfew's at 10 but I stay out till midnight
sitting' in my ride puffin bennys from my one hitter
can't smoke at home cause ill get caught by my baby sitter
I wanna be black but with my mustache I look Mexican
I learned how to spit rhymes from reading green eggs and ham
I talk plenty s___ so that must make me hard
I did a 2 day stretch for stealing at Wall-Mart
im a wigga so go figure im just a white boy that wants to be a n____
don't forget the dew rag take me to the tanning booth
got a little bling bling next week im getting a gold tooth
calling up some honeys they only give me p____ cause I say I got the money
none of my hoes are over 13 'cause to 2 of these little tricks my d___ looks humongous
I live my mamma's basement and im almost 23
other than that there's nothing going for me
never had a hard day in my life you see except when I took my mother f**king g.e.d.
I aint a gangster b____ im just a prankster b____ and if you step to me I run just like a b____
I run just far enough to where you cant catch me

peel out in my ride and call you p____
but living in the suburbs im the toughest on my block
and every little hoe is riding all up on my jock
not packing too much meat so I stuff it with a sock
remember the first line yeah I said I had a little c___
im a wigga so go figure im just a white boy that wants to be a n____
my closets full of Fubu sipping on the 40's
my name is really Carl but you can call me shorty
when you see me strutting down the street walking with a limp
its not because im hard its cause I got my a__ kicked by a bunch of real G's
they beat my a__ and shanked me with a knife
for trying to be down and claim in ghetto life
it'll all catch up to you in the end some day
you'll be alone and ill be with all my friends and we'll kick your a__
yeah we'll beat you down mother f**ker
don't make me act a clown I ain't in a gang
but I can talk the slang I know the Ebonics hand book like it aint no thang
so I must be real yo I listen to mc hammer
and im down with my new dough so that pretty much how the story goes
im the suburban gangster that f**ks 12 year olds
just a skinny honky that tries to act tough
but i'm the first to back down if you call my bluff
im a wigga so go figure im just a white boy that wants to be a n____
smoking token stank weed
wear a pick in my hair
stomping in my air force 1's but cant afford 2 pair

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