Lifter Puller Rental Lyrics

tinted windows, no one can see you
no one can get to us, there's gonna be justice
i'm not even nervous
you told your boyfriend that you had some midterms
we're up in new hampshire drivin' around in a rental
make me feel special
like i'm essential
like we've got potential
pulled over when it looked a little residental
made me feel special, remember our rental
make me feel gentle, make me feel central
makin me crystal clear, makin me see thru
and i can see through this
you're makin him jealous
and i don't deserve this
i deserve justice
cause i'm cooler than he is
cooler than he is
coller than he is
cooler than he is
a fake name, an airplane, a credit card, a rental car
sang along with the radio playin "In a Jar"
Massachusetts valleys and the new york city east side 20's
are not what i remember
that whole september seems so blurry

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