Frenzal Rhomb Roger Lyrics

I turn you on at 6 o'clock
why is it that you're such a c___
You smile and tell me that it's a good evening
Then you put on that stupid frown
talk about the bullshit going down
It's hard to stop myself from leaving

When you're looking like there's something wrong
and looking like it won't be long
till you tell me all 10,000 people are dying
then you wipe off that stupid frown
why don't you take a look around
It's hard to stop myself from crying

I wish I was as credible as Roger Climpson

why can't you see it's just a game
Your Christian viewpoint's just the same
as the a___hole that some phony judge is trying
I'm sure that were all well aware that Roger Climpson dyes his hair
doesn't it make you wonder if he's lying?

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