Clenched Fist Welcome To Memephis Lyrics

This is our chance, this is all that we got
Let ?em all know what?s really in our hearts
The lack of support is the fuel for the fire
We want this too much to let our chance expire
To those who doubt us
and wouldn?t bet on us to win
It may take 10 years
but you?ll eat your words in the end
East Coast and West Coast to the Midwest
we won?t give up
Welcome to Memphis
MSHC-Memphis Style
We?ll make a name for ourselves
There?s no end for us in sight
We?re here to stay
This is Memphis, don?t forget it
Against the odds
we?ll make a name for ourselves
With no approval from anyone else
To those who offer a hand
and know what we?re about
We respect you to no end for helping us out
To anyone who tries to keep us held down
Thank you so much, you?re the reason
we?re still around

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