Stetsasonic Faye Lyrics

This one dedicated to the international Stet posse
To the one called Shakalak
(And Aasim)
To the one called Lena
To the one called Nyallah
To the one called the Devastatin Beat Creator
To the one called the Multiple Supreme, the master Fruitkwan
To the one called the Rhymorator MC Delite
To the Grand DJ Wizard Prince Paul
The Human Mix Machine
On the microphone I'm the Ebony Chief Daddy-O
And it goes a little somethin like this

[Wise starts beatboxing]

Well here's a little story with an added surprise
About what took place with me and Wise
Went walkin one morning with our new suits on
Wise in his Adidas, me and my (Benetton)
Coolin out drinkin stout, talkin 'bout the world
When we were suddenly stopped by a beautiful girl
She was gorgeous, she told us that her name was Faye
She would like to get busy for the rest of the day
"Well of course," we replied, "but whose date will you be?"
She said, "(1) or (2), it makes no difference to me"
Whoa, we was with it, had a freak, we could tell
Dialed the first seven digits to the best hotel
In town, rented a room and not a sec too soon
Ordered delicious lunch, about half past noon
After stuffin our face, well, Faye wanted a drink
We ordered up the strongest drink that we could think
After she got a little tipsy I gave Wise the look
Cause we could (smell Faye's tunafish startin to cook)
She started pantin, and breathin, and lickin her lips
And then the next thing you know she was rubbin our hips
Freakin Wise on the bed, freakin me in the corner
I said, "Why Faye, why?" she said ("cause I wanna")
Man, it went on for I don't know how long
I thought that I knew strenght, but that girl was strong
And how I knew her s__y lovin wouldn't steer me wrong?
When she kissed me on the chest, she kissed me on the neck
She kissed me on the cheek and sang this song
She said:
[starts to sing]
"Higher than the highest mountain
And deeper than the deepest sea
That's how I will love you
So darlin, endlessly.."
Break it down, Wise
She said:
"If you think I'm (s__y)"
Say little boy, reach out and (touch me)
If you really need me
Say little boy, reach out and tell me
And gimme your lovin, gimme your lovin
Don't forget about the all-night squeezin
And don't forget about the huggin and teasin"
- overall it was a good afternoon
(Man, I hope that me and you get to see Faye soon)
You know it, I got some more juice to release
From Daddy-O (and Wise) -
Good night y'all - peace!

And it's the one and only Human Mix Machine
Now Wise
Do that roll that you created

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