Alex_Kaneko Wings Lyrics

I know you'll find it strange
and it may be crude
but I'm scared of mixing up the words
when the best I've got is out of range
and you've seen it all before
in the shuffling of my feet
and spoken words of awkward beat
and the best I've got
is not much more

and you said "run away"
but I'll fight to stay

cuz since I found you
I haven't looked behind
and I'm losing count
of the rhythm of my mind
but I've found you
and I'll be yours today

so I won't pretend to know
if you share that pain
where only yesterday remains
but I can try
to let go
cuz I know what I'm not
I know we've hardly met
but I can shield you from regrets
so take it all
the best I've got

if you can let me stay
we can fly away


so tell me what's the key
to see what you're about?
do you hide the mystery
and will I see it too
when I figure you out?

fly away from (or "to", depending on if I mess up) yesterday

© 2005 - 2006 Alex Kaneko

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