The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Method Man The What Lyrics

I used to get feels on a b____
Now I throw shields on the d___
To stop me from that HIV s___
And n____z know they soft like a Twinkie filling
Playin the villian
Prepare for this rap killin
Biggie Smalls is the illest
Your style is played out, like Arnold wondered
"What you talkin bout Willis?"
The thrill is gone, the black Frank White
is here to excite and
throw d___ to d___s
b____es I like em brainless
Guns I like em stainless steel
I want the f___in Fortune like the Wheel
I squeeze gats till my clips is empty
Don't tempt me [T-H-O-D
Man] You don't want to f___ with Biggie

Here I am, I'll be d___ed if this ain't some s___
It's the low killer death trap, yes I'm a jet black ninja
Comin where you rest at, surrender
Step inside the ring, youse the number one contender
Lookin cold booty like your p____ in December
n____ stop b____in, b___on up ya lip and
From Method all you gettin is a can of a__-whippin
Hey, I'll be kickin, you son, you doin all the yappin
Actin as if it can't happen
You front and got me mad enough to touch somethin
Yo I'm from Shaolin, Island, and ain't afraid to bust somethin
So what cha want n____, ya punk n____
I got a six-shooter and a horse named Trigger
It's real, ninety-four, rugged raw
Kickin down your god d___ door [and it goes a lil somethin like this]


f___ the world, don't ask me for s___
And everything you get ya gotta work hard fot it
Honies shake your hips, ya don't stop
And n____z pack the clips, keep on

Verse Two: Meth, Notorious

Verse two, comin with that Olde E brew
Meth-tical, puttin n____z back in I.C.U.
I'm lifted troop, you can bring yours wack a__ crew
I got connections, I'll get that a__ stuck like glue, huh
No question, I be comin down and s___
Yo I gets rugged as a m_________in carpet get
And n____z love it, not in the physical form but in the mental
I spark and they cells get warm
I'm not a gentle, man, I'm a Method, Man!
Baby accept it, utmost respect it
[a__ume the position] Stop look and listen
I spit on your grave then I grab my Charles d___ens

Welcome to my center
Honies feel it deep in they placenta
Cold as the pole in the winter
Far from the inventor, but I got this rap s___ sewed
And when my Mac unloads
I'm guaranteed another video
Ready to die, why I act that way?
Pop Duke left Mom Duke
The f__got took the back way
So instead of makin hoes suck my d___ up
I used to do stick-up
Cause hoes is irritatin like the hic-CUPS
Excuse me, flows just grow through me
Like trees to branches
Cliffs to avalanches
It's the praying mantis
Deep like the mind of Farrakhan
A m_________in rap phenomenon, plus

[I got more glocks and techs than you]
I make it hot [n____ won't even stand next to you]
n____ touch me you better bust me
tree times in the head
Or m_________er's dead, ya thought so

Chorus: repeat 2X

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