Game Music N-Ct fm (HIP-HOP) Lyrics

Da Shootaz - Grand Theft Auto

Good shot kid, I think you got him
Good shot kid, I think you got him

Slow down
Hotel, downtown, speeding all around
An AK47 got the power in its barrel to move any mother that gets in my way,
Just another power machine on the freeway

Riding with me is my MC homeboy,
Knowing the rules aint part of his program,
Finding the right way around this map,
Might be pretty hard cos he's f___ed on crack

(G) - Grand Theft Auto
You gotta make a mark and move where you ought to,

(T) - Theft
Determination to steal what you can and run from the nation,

(A) - Hey what d'ya say
We automate the sequence and speed for my gettaway
Take it to the edge, there's nowhere to hide,
And call up the boy; Let's go for a joyride

Let's go for a joyride

Stop the violence from the police you know my dad used to say but now he's deceased,
He got caught in a jam, threw in the can
When the cops from Brooklyn said he killed another man
Seek knowledge was my main game,
To think about the law,
To figure out the frame,
Just when I thought I knew justice,

A cop behind me said 'You just been busted'

NYPD N . Y . P . D .

LAPD L . A . P . D .

SFPD S . F . P . D .

Don't f___ with me.

Hip hop power
I love it

Music with more,


Slumpussy - This Life

See ya later, peace peace.

[Curtain rips open, c___ crows, alarm rings]

Check check
Chick ch-pow

There's a hit alone that's shown to blow
And p___e to rock a party
Managed to reach Shorty on the throne
Made like Al Capone.
Scored a bag of sensi stack it in the bone
It's well known to blow brothers til they're stoned.
Lifted and gifted let's see how I live
Shiftin' mad bricks
Nothing else to do
Life was full of nothing
Went by Toute Suite
To earn myself a dollar
Tried to sell some trips to
Nickelzen and Fawnda.
I wouldn't touch that s___
Leave me with my skunk
The only tracks I want
Is hard-core bass. That's funk.
*****'s just a rock,
It can take a jump
And when I shoot my shot
It's a 22 ya punk.

I don't have much in this life.
It's the cess that keeps me from losin my head
In this world which we live in in strife
Ya gotta give me one more Jay
Just to settle my stress. [x2]

Ice, crack, angel dust and Prozac
Don't get me nice like
Buckets full of cess, Mac [x2]

Check Yah-mo'


C.C.C Featuring Robert DeNegro - Blow Your Console

Hiya man, check this out.

Please stand by



Yo wordwrite !
You some kinda GTA a__assin ?
The word is bond
You ain't never gonna blame me, son.
I get open like Sesame
You ain't never gonna test me
So pleeeease-ah

So you think you are a goodfella
Then fella get the hell outta town.
So get down
With my s___e-age telekinesis
So please
Hit the deck
More front than a heathen with the big white teeth, yeah
When I kiss them in the
Central Nervous System
Cos I'm Robert de Negro
You can't funk with my mind.
Gets hi-five
This formidable child
Is gonna blow your console.

[African chanting]

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